Week 2


Started working on a new song today.  Not for Get Well Soon, maybe the next one.  I just needed to take my mind off of "Asylum Demon".  That track is becoming a pain in the ass.  Regardless, I'm gonna finish it.  Gotta, I've come this far.  Tried to find a moment to record some vocals over the weekend, but Christmas shopping took over my life.  I should be able to get it done tomorrow.  Tuesday's usually better for vocals.  Not sure why.  I guess I'm just superstitious.  Other than that, only a few vocal tracks left before mixing.  Should be fine.  Later- Husky


Managed to get some vocals done yesterday.  My voice started to give, so I couldn't finish "Asylum Demon".  Lame.  Gonna try again tomorrow.  As for today, I'm working on a new track because it's been stuck in my head for like a week.  It's not going to end up on Get Well Soon, but it'll make a god jumping off point for my next album.  I'm always starting the next thing before I finish my current work.  Can't let it get in the way of finishing this album, though.  Aside from that, nothing too interesting to report on the musical front.  Oh, I'm gonna try and adopt a Monday/Wednesday/Friday post schedule for these.  That way there's some degree of reason to when they go up.  Not like anyone reads these.  Oh well.  Maybe I'll go back and read these one day and laugh at myself.  Anyway, gotta get back to work.  See ya- Husky

Week 1


Got the vocal for "Please Stop" done today.  Took me a minute, too.  I haven't let myself bust out the blues voice in a while.  It's kinda funny, because that's my normal singing voice and I never use it.  Never any real use for it half the time.  Maybe in the future I'll go back to writing more blues based tracks.  It's weird to hear.  I really slur my words when I sing.  Jesus.  I hope people can understand the lyrics.  Well, I can just post them if it's an issue.  Then again, that would imply people are listening to my songs.  Ha.  Gotta make yourself laugh.  Anyway, I did a double in the chorus at an octave below.  It adds a bit of weight in the mix that feels pretty right.  Also changed the pre-chorus riff to be in half time.  Better feel to it with the snare on 3.  Pulled the 808 down in the mix, as well.  Considering how different this track is from the others, I hope it goes over well.  It's got a jump blues feel in the chorus and is based around a chugging riff on the C string.  It feels good to have a place to document my process.  Hopefully this will keep me making progress on my projects, seeing as I have to update this blog.  Well, I guess that's all I have to report for today.  Cheers- Husky


Managed to make a dent in the lyrics for "Asylum Demon" today.  I love writing these 8+ minute songs, but it's such a bitch to put lyrics to them.  I think I might leave the bridge instrumental.  Not sure yet.  It's a lot of song to cover.  Maybe a nice melodic lead section?  I really don't know.  That's what makes the longer tracks fun, their's just so much to do.  We'll see.  Hopefully tomorrow I can finish it.  It's a ton of time to play with.  I'm out- Husky


Didn't do enough over the last few days to warrant an entry.  Did get the lyrics to "Asylum Demon" written.  I've got all the lyrics for the album written.  Now I just have to finish the vocals and mix the whole thing.  Still not done.  At any rate, it's been a mess over here.  Christmas really throws off my workflow.  That's fine, though.  Well, in 3 days I managed to get one set of lyrics written.  It's better than nothing.  Later- Husky